I have experimented with various windows in combination with suspended butterflies as symbols of passage and transition.

Butterfly Window 2012

Porcelain, screen printed with polychrome slips,
wood, and monofilament

Passage of memory

Porcelain, screen printed with polychrome slips, wood, monofilament and fabric, Dimensions variable. Shown here installed at Texas Women's University West Gallery, 2011.

Passage of Memory is an installation based on my childhood memories. On a deeper level, the work relates to my late father. As a nonagenarian his ability to recall past memories was fading. My intention is to blend early memories, daydreams, and reality to create a lasting impression of youthfulness. It evokes a visit to my paternal grandparents home during the Monarch butterfly migration.

Butterfly Window 2010

Porcelain, Screen printed with polychrome slips, wood, and monofilament

Duality 2011

Cast Iron with Wooden base

H: 22” W: 21.25” D: 15”

(clockwise from top left)

Hydra 2011, Prom dress 2011,
Golden puffer 2011

Porcelain, under glaze, glaze and luster.

Nest series

Some of my early work is an experimental series of nests. These mostly inverted forms with the eggs on the outside are intended to highlight the fragile and vulnerable existence of children.

By using combinations of matte and gloss glazing techniques, sumptuous layering and pearlescent surfaces where achieved.

A gathering 2012

Porcelain, screen printed
polychrome slips, 12" x 14"

Handle pot series

These pots are an exploration in repetition. There is order and playfulness in the repetitive pattern of the handles. Through repetition simple functional forms take on personality and organic presence.

Above: Trinity  2013 

Wood, Salt, mirrored glass, porcelain vessel. Individual house dimensions
d,w, & h: 7.5 x 6.5, x 8.5 inches

At left: Finality  2013

Porcelain, screen printed with ceramic ink, wood, emulsion, and wire,

Dimensions d,w & h: 18 X 10 x 22 inches.

The nursery 2010

Earthenware Clay with matte glaze